Guadalajara, Jalisco, May 11 2017 – Under the framework of the IT Talent strategy, led by IJALTI as Cluster Manager, The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), Zapopan Institute for Training and Education, and the Inter-American University for Development met at CSW to present their supporting programs for staffing and training employees of the IT industry.

With a total participation of 30 attendees from various companies of the IT sector, the following programs were presented:

  • Scholarship from the National Service of Employment through the STPS;
  • Productive Fabrics which is an educational program of Zapopan Institute for Training and Education;
  • Dual Education program presented by UNID.

The main goal of the session was to present the general aspects of the programs offered by each institution, so that the entrepreneurs who attended the event may have another option when it comes  to solve their current demand for human talent.

Each program includes an economic scholarship or a financial support distributed in different modalities. In addition, there were three working groups where the interested ones could learn more about the value proposition of each program.

Fuente: IJALTI